How to Nominate Kenny

I have decided to seek the Liberal nomination of Markham-Unionville for the 2015 election. I need to sign up hundreds of people who will vote for me in a nomination meeting early next year.

I need your support!

You can support me by taking two simple steps:

Step 1:

Sign up with the Liberal Party of Canada. It will cost $10.

If you would rather fill out a paper copy of the form instead of signing up online, please get in touch with us at 289-859-9936 and we will get a form into your hands.

Step 2:

Come to a nomination event to vote for me.

Once I know the date and location of the nomination meeting, I’ll ensure you get all the information about how to show up to vote.

  • Anyone 14 years or older can register and vote for the nomination. You can exercise your right to nominate a right candidate even you are not a Canadian citizen yet as long as you are a permanent resident in Canada.
  • Please fill in your current riding – Markham-Unioville when you fill up the form. Here is the link to the map of this new riding.
  • Please make cheque payable to “Liberal” or “Liberal Party of Canada”

If you need any assistance please call me at 289-859-9936 or email me at

Take action now to give yourself an opportunity to send a capable and trustworthy person – Kenny Wan to Ottawa who will act as your VOICE & ACTION.

Thanks for your support!